What does a perfect smile look like?

Straight Teeth, What should they look like?

here is no normal smile because everyone has a different tooth shape, size and bone structure. This is why it is important to assess straight teeth on the basis of 32 adult, healthy, working teeth arranged correctly in the upper and lower jaws.

Do you feel that your understanding of the term straight teeth is incomplete? You are not alone because most people focus on what is visible when you smile and that is usually the front six teeth!

Everybody cannot conform to the ideal or perfect dental arrangement because of differences in tooth shape, size, bone structure and racial characteristics. However, aesthetic professionals agree that there is no normal because of this variability! When analysed from different viewpoints there are some key features that need to be demonstrated for your orthodontist to be satisfied that your teeth are straight. Here we lay them out for you in plain language.

A perfect smile contains:

  • Symmetrical teeth. Your central incisors should meet in straight line. The teeth should mirror one another from that central point.
  • No harsh angles. Teeth should not jut out or push through the lips. The mouth should easily close.
  • No gaps. Daylight should not shine between teeth. Every tooth nests close to a neighbor without overlapping.
  • Small buccal corridor. When you smile, a dark space is visible at the edge of your mouth. That space, researchers say, should be small. When it's large, people say the smile is less pleasing.
  • No visible gums. When your lips part and you smile, the gums should stay safely tucked away and out of view. Too much gum showing is often desired as less desirable.

It may be impossible to completely prevent crooked teeth. But we aren't required to live with them when they appear. We have plenty of tools that lead to straighter smiles. A perfect smile can be well within your grasp, call our office for free initial consultation. 

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