Why invisalign not working

Why Clear Aligners Not Tracking?

If you notice a gap between your teeth and your clear aligner trays, this means they may not be tracking correctly. This is problematic for treatment, as clear aligners must fit snugly over your teeth to generate the orthodontic force required to move them into new positions. 

Observing your smile in the mirror is the best method for how to tell if aligners are tracking.  When you do this, you'll be looking to make sure your aligners are:

  • Completely fixed along the top and bottom rows of your teeth. They shouldn't be rocking or moving at all. 
  • Fitted such that you do not have any large gaps between the plastic and the surface of your tooth.
  • Appropriately seated over the teeth so that they feel tight; this can often feel painful at first, especially when you change to a new set of trays.

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